Brain Drain #11

Brain Drain #11


Holiday Brain Drain


My, how festive.  Even the drain is decorated for the holidays!

Let’s see what is rolling around in the ol’ brain case that needs to be let out like the family dog…….




Hanky Panky

When you think about it, the cloth handkerchief has to go down as the absolute worst fashion statement ever.

Yet, it continues to endure as a sniffly staple to those with drippy noses.  (Granted, the cloth hanky is most popular among male, card-carrying AARP members.)

Looks like Springsteen has a cold!
Looks like Springsteen has a cold!


The whole concept behind the cloth handkerchief is disturbing.

1. Pull the fabric rag from your pocket.

2.  Blow your nose into said rag.

3.  Then, stuff the entire mess BACK into your pocket!


Germophobes are entering cardiac arrest about now!


My Dad always used a cloth kerchief because he said he would blow right through a tissue.  (He DID have a nose the size of a Basset Hound.)

When doing the laundry, we had to pull Dad’s dried, crusty hankys from his pants pockets—they wouldn’t even unfold!

I don’t mean to be gross, but it is an image that has been burned into my memory forever.

Pass the tissue box for this Odd Sock.

Let’s move on……



Beware–What the hell is it?




I saw this sign while driving.


Now, I am not a hunter, but if I was being charged by this creature–I would have to grab a gun!




Growing Gift Idea


The Chia Pet is a fun gift that has been around for ages.  New Chia Pet designs are offered each year.  This year, it is the Chia Pet “Spirit of America Collection.”  (I’m sure you have seen the TV commercials.)

The “Spirit of America Collection” includes a Chia Statue of Liberty along with a Chia George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Barrack Obama.

I have a few problems with this TV commercial/product.

First, the TV commercial is touting the proud, courageous legacies of Washington & Lincoln…then, they mention the hope of Obama.

chia obama

Now, I am NOT anti-Barrack, but it IS a little early in his term to be lumping him in with George & Abe.

That’s alot of pressure to place on one man’s shoulders—immortalizing his greatness in the likeness of a Chia Pet.  Cripes, give him some time and we’ll see—heck, Kennedy doesn’t even have a Chai Pet design yet!


Finally, Barrack’s Chai statue (see above) simply looks like he’s celebrating St. Paddy’s Day!

dennis rodman


In fact, Dennis Rodman tried the green hair for a time and even HE thought it was too much over the top!


Let it grow out more and Barrack suddenly becomes “Link” from “The Mod Squad.”

Just not a good idea any way you look at it.



So, short and sweet, that does it for this My Odd Sock “Brain Drain.”

If you see something you want to let off your chest–tell me about it and we’ll commiserate.

Oh, and if you are the last person to read this post–please hang up the towels.  This isn’t a hotel you know!



2 Replies to “Brain Drain #11”

  1. I just had to respond to your blog today. First I attend a monthly breakfast meeting. This morning was our December meeting. It’s all guys and we all have ms. I totted your blog to all the guys so hopefully you will gain readership. Next in regard to your going on about the chia pets. I just saw the smallest model of the Kia make of automobiles. It had a vanity plate, you guessed it, “Kia Pet”. I aree with you on the cloth hankerchiefs. If you ever had to wash them you won’t use them!

    Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year to you and yours. (Iknow that last was not really pc but I really meant it.)