Time To Make The Muffins

Time To Make The Muffins


dunkin donuts


Remember the Dunkin Donuts TV commercial starring the sleepy-eyed dude who pulled himself out of bed each day muttering “Time to make the donuts?”



That’s me every Sunday morning.

Same bleary eyes.

Same slow, stooped walk.

Only difference is…..I make muffins.


Baking muffins every Sunday is something I started doing a couple of years ago.  I don’t bake them for myself—in fact, I rarely eat them.

I bake them for my family.  (Aw, how sweet!  Send my award for “Father of The Year” to:  My Odd Sock, Main Street, Idiotville, USA.)


Call me "Betty Crackpot"
Call me "Betty Crackpot"


In the past, I would stand while mixing the ingredients.  But now, as my MS has progressed, standing for a spell can be taxing, so I use a kitchen chair to sit and stir up my batter.

Luckily, reaching isn’t a problem thanks to my long, orangutan arms!



And you can see a pair of scissors in the picture.  I need them to cut open the bag of mix.

What the hell do they use to seal bags these days?  I thought MS had stolen the strength in my hands because I struggle opening ANY bag—cereal bags, snack bags, press-n-seal bags.


froot loops


We can’t keep the foam insulation to stick to the Space Shuttle, but we have the technology to keep me from opening the bag inside a box of Froot Loops!



Pardon me please as I’ve gotten away from my point.

My point is…..I make muffins for my family—because I still can.  It gives me a little bit of satisfaction knowing I can still do something that brings enjoyment to others.

MS or not, you must remember you are a viable, productive soul who is capable of providing joy to those around you.

Our disease may make it more difficult to do the things we use to, but with a few adaptations, we can continue to do what gives us self worth.


Wish I had arms!
Wish I had arms!


Now, about those muffins?

As you can see they turned out just fine.

That crunchy bit?  Eh, that’s just a bit of eggshell.  It’s good for you.

Besides, try cracking an egg when you are half asleep and it’s time to make the muffins.




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  1. I too open all bags with scissors. It makes me feel good when even an able-bodied person can’t open the bag without the help of scissors. Like you said…….what do they seal these bags with……super glue???