Double Double Toil and Trouble

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Doublemint twinsAh, the Doublemint Twins, characters from the old Wrigley Doublemint gum ad campaigns.

I’ve thought of them alot over the years during my life with multiple sclerosis.  (I’ve thought of them too after an evening of adult beverages–but that’s a whole other story!)


Since getting “hitched” to MS back in ’97, I’ve always wished for an identical twin (also with MS) to help me determine my best course of treatment.

Would it be better to take this?  Or give myself a shot of that?

Should I do this?  Or am I better off doing that?

Eat this?  Avoid that?


And the arguments continue to echo inside my head like,  well, you know what…..

Peanut in a Tin Can
Peanut in a Tin Can

I have accepted the fact that the arguments will continue to ring forever.  But having a twin would give me another option.  I mean, your odds of winning the lottery are better with TWO tickets, right?


The reason I bring this up is because a friend, who also has MS, mentioned this very same premise to me during a conversation.  She said she wanted a “clone” to help her choose the best possible treatment options.


Dolly, the world’s most famous clone.





Wow, I was stunned!


I wasn’t alone in my thoughts.

If this Odd Sock thunk it…..And she said it….maybe YOU have thought about it too?


Hell, I realize it’s all just a crap shoot.  I just don’t want to roll snake eyes!  Most of us are even hard pressed to find two doctors who agree on the best treatment plan.



I’m giving serious thought to replicating my DNA strand using toenail clippings!


The muther of clippers.
The muther of clippers.



Then, inside the My Odd Sock Laboratory, scientists could grow and develop an identical ME, all in the quest of finding what will work best with my MS.







Seriously though, I’m certain the thought of having a twin has entered your cranium once or twice!


Whether it’s MS, diabetes, cancer, even a cold (Is it “starve a cold–feed a fever” or the other way around?), we’re all just looking for answers.



Me?  I think I’ll follow the Doublemint twins…..”Wait up girls, remember I scuttle like a hermit crab!”



2 Replies to “Double Double Toil and Trouble”

  1. Yup, I carry my twin in my head. Sort of like a conjoined twin with whom I share a brain, but has no body (thank goodness!). We commiserate all day long. When she gets obnoxious, I quiet her with a couple of martinis. Or she quiets me, I’m not really sure.

  2. I too have thought about that twin thing a time or two. How nice it would be to say “it wasn’t me-it was HIM” but a lass it wasn’t to be.
    But you know-he/she would always get the best bites, the softest sheets and first place in line because after all, he/she was the first born or last. Some where ahead of or behind you, seconds or years it doesn’t matter.
    It all boils down to the same, I think really, its just another tricky day.