Brain Drain #8

Brain Drain #8



Who needs meditation?  Why see a therapist?  The best way to clear your mind is Brain Drain!

So lets throw all that cooked spaghetti on the wall and we’ll see what sticks!

Away we go……



Good Sportsmanship

NFL on Fox
NFL on Fox

I’m a huge fan of sports on TV, but I get a chuckle out of watching the pre-game shows.

In particular, I’m amazed at how many people the networks think are necessary to analyze/break-down/predict the game.


Ex-jocks, coaches, GM’s, beer vendors, parking lot attendants…there are so many dudes talking about the game , they can’t even fit them all into one shot on camera!

I believe during the NBA playoffs , they had five guys in studio.  But the best is NFL on Fox.  Fox uses as many as seven “experts” in their pre-game chats.

It’s football for crying out loud.

Why do we need SEVEN different perspectives on a game?

Seven?  There were less people at The Last Supper!

Let’s move on.




They call it TV journalism.

Holy crap, I get more news reading Grit!

It’s the entertainment news show called TMZ.

TMZ’s premise is set in a loosely-veiled “newsroom” where hip “journalists”, barely out of puberty, pitch their story ideas to their boss, aka the “News Director.”

The boss is the grizzled veteran who then decides which story to run with.

Shall we cover where Tom Cruise took a whiz?  Or, Tori Spelling’s latest shopping excursion?

Who the hell cares?

I like watching the “News Director.”  He is always leaning on something with his arms folded.  His hairy forearms remind me of a Lowland Gorilla.  And he incessantly gulps so much coffee he’s bound to overwork his kidneys into Renal Failure.

I would gladly watch the community announcements channel rather than this garbage.  Save your brain cells and skip TMZ.


I’ll Have Another Cold One

Rocky Mountain High
Rocky Mountain High

I am not a beer drinker, but I come from a family of big beer drinkers.  In fact, the county of my hometown routinely ranks among the top in beer consumption per capita in the country!

So I can say I know my way around the beer aisle at the convenience store.

But recently, the Coors Brewing Company came out with the revolutionary “cold activation window” on bottles of Coors Light.

This ingenious “whatever” tells me my beer is cold when the mountains on the label turn blue in color.

Hmm, do I really need this?


Did someone pop the top on a brewski…take a swig…and then realize their beer wasn’t cold?

Are you kidding me?

Due to my MS, I’m numb from about the nipples down—my hands don’t have much sensation—but I can still tell when my beer is cold!

Coors, the Rocky Mountain beer for idiots.  Thanks Pete Coors, now I have one less thing to worry about when I drink!


So you wanna drain your brain?  Let me have it and clear your head.  You’ll feel better, I promise.

Till next time.



2 Replies to “Brain Drain #8”

  1. Despite the warm weather, I am already grumbling incoherently about a winter bee in my bonnet: walking on ice and snow with my cane.

    The rubber tip ices over after just one stab and step, and then it slides out from under me right when I need my balance the most.

    Definitely a banana peel moment. Funny when it happens to somebody else, tragic when it happens to me. Who says vaudeville is dead?

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