Stand Up!

Stand Up!

“Stand up!” a male voice shouts.

“Stand up straight I said!”

Who said that?  A voice of reason?  My inner conscience?

Nah, it’s my bee-sting partner shouting at me to stand up straight.

You see, I’ve developed a hitch in my giddy-up….I’m beginning to stoop!


It’s like the gravitational pull of the earth is forcing me to bend slightly forward at the waist.  Like I am walking uphill.  Constantly.

bent over

O-K, very funny smartypants.  I’m not quite that bad!  Besides, this guy is bent the wrong way.


I’m just not sure how my “stoop” developed.


Has multiple sclerosis weakened my “core”, my stomach & hips, so much so that my body compensates with a forward lean?

six pack


When I lift my shirt, my abs look fit & trim.  I mean, I do get up from my recliner 2 or 3 times a day–even more when I can’t find the flicker and have to change the channel by hand!



Maybe my stoop developed when I began walking with a cane?  I could be leaning a bit too much on my thin friend.


evolution I


I even went so far as to consult an evolutionary scale.  I seem to be pegged somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd figure from the right.

While modern man is evolving from left to right, I seem to be moving in the opposite direction!  This also explains my fascination with fire.



If any positives can be drawn from my forward lean–one can surmise it IS easier to find loose change on the ground.

As you can see, a recent My Odd Sock research study has determined that a progressive “stoop” can lead to improved financial gains!





Your results may vary.





Is your multiple sclerosis pulling you forward?

My advice–fight back!  Don’t let it pull you down!

Stand or sit-up tall.  Head up.  Shoulders back.

It takes a concerted effort & constant focus, I know.  But it can be done.  Or else I could send my bee-sting buddy over to your house…”STAND UP STRAIGHT!…YOU’RE SLOUCHING!”


4 Replies to “Stand Up!”

  1. Would this also include leaning at the desk while trying to read print that is most likely way too small?

  2. I stumbled this site a few weeks back and I truly can’t get enough! Please keep writing!

  3. I find it amazing that more sites are not as nice as this one. All too often when I land on a blog the content is so poor that I click back immediately. That is not the case here. Thanks so much.