Life Outta Balance

Life Outta Balance



Those who know me will agree (just watch me walk).

And if you have multiple sclerosis, I bet your life is out of balance too.

You see, MS throws a wrench in the works of your balance by messing with your vestibular system—the H.Q. of keeping your gait on the straight & narrow.

MS has taken my equilibrium…and sold it on Ebay!

In fact, Bernie Madoff’s checking account has better balance than I do.


And I work as hard as a lifeguard on Baywatch to revive my withering coordination.



Everyone told me to get a “balance ball.”

So I did.  I have two as a matter of fact.

Yet, I’m the only guy I know who sits on, and routinely falls off of, my balance ball.

Common sense tells me it’s not easy to balance my round ass atop a round ball.  But I didn’t think I would need to become Phil Jackson “Zen-like” to complete this simple task.

So I sit on my balance ball.  I get bee stings across the tops of my shoulders to aid balance.  I see a physical therapist.  I do all I can to improve my balance, but I still take more tumbles than the U.S. Gymnastics team.

Optimum balance.
Optimum balance.


In my quest of achieving improved balance, I recently took ownership of a BOSU (Bow-sue) Balance Trainer.

The BOSU is one of those inflatable, blue half-circles.

The owner’s manual shows examples of core stabilization exercises….Arms & legs in the air while your backside is perched on top of the BOSU.  (Hell, I can’t even get in these positions sitting on a La-Z-Boy!)

So because of my limitations, I use the BOSU in a modified routine—and it still kicks my butt!  It’s quite a remarkable piece of equipment.  And I would recommend a BOSU to anyone who tilts & teeters like those of us with MS.  Just be certain you have a grab bar or a wall handy to steady yourself.

Sure, your life may be outta balance, but there are some things you can do to enhance what you have…and keep yourself upright.  Like anything, it just takes a little extra effort.

Steady on.


2 Replies to “Life Outta Balance”

  1. So True! Dang balance balls…ha! I hit the floor more with them then with my crutches. Swimming helped some with balance more than I saw with the balls.