Insurance Assurance

Insurance Assurance


Geckos, ducks and cavemen oh my!

Can anyone answer my question…When the hell did insurance get so “funny?”


At one time, insurance was a serious business—conducted by a professional in a suit and tie.  But today, we have leap-frogged over “business-professional”….said adios to the button-down….and have time-traveled back to the Paleozoic Era where I’m getting rate quotes from a Neanderthal.

In the whole insurance world, the closest resemblance to we mere mortals is Progressive’s “Flo,” who induces my own “reach for the Ritalin” moment.

Honestly, I know very little about insurance, so I would feel better if my questions were answered by someone dressed to impress rather than a mallard with webbed feet.

Advertising Execs would claim victory by saying “Ah, but you remember those messages.”  And I would respond by saying “Yes, how could I forget!”  It seems I can’t watch five minutes of television without being stupefied by one of these characters…..that, or an E.D. commercial.

For God-sakes, the only conclusion I can muster from these messages is that I am both under-insured AND under-endowed!

Enough of my bickering.  The phone is ringing anyway.  I’m expecting a call from Safe-Auto’s “Justin Case.”  Maybe he can shed some light.


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Would you ever find these two products side-by-side on a retailer’s shelf?



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