What? More? Really?
What? More? Really?


SMH, short for “shaking my head.”

There are a lot of things going on in this world today that leaves one SMH.

Heck this whole website is based on SMH.

So to add fuel to the fire, I thought I would “pile on” with a few new items worthy of SMH distinction.



Let’s check’em out for a collective shaking of our heads…..


All the news fit to print.
All the news fit to print.

In this newsy tidbit, a school district finds it neccessary to announce it now has a Facebook page.

Big news if this were..say..2005!

What took you so long?  Even my 99 year-old great Nan is on Facebook!

What wasn’t My Space getting the response you wanted anymore?

That kind of progressive thinking will have them on Instagram by decade’s end.


What’s next?…..


The sweet taste of patriotism!
The sweet taste of patriotism!


Okay okay, I am proud to be an American, but this patriotic, flag-waving gets carried away at times.


Even this bottle of honey is labeled “Made by American bees.”



Just how can you be sure this honey has been made by American b….

Quite a trademark!
Quite a trademark!



Oops, I guess that proves it!






Finally, here’s a product that comes from the headquarters of smh goods…Bed Bath & Beyond.


Oh geez.
Oh geez.


It’s the “Illumibowl”, the motion-activated toilet night light.


Really?  I need this?


Toilets in Flint glow like this & they don’t have the light!




The ROY G BIV of toilet lights.
The ROY G BIV of toilet lights.

Best of all, Illumibowl projects in eight colors!

“Set your favorite or rotate” the ad says.

Quick question…Which color makes my ass look smaller?

And to “rotate” the colors?  Sorry Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t need my privates lit up like a TSO concert.  I’m just trying to pee at 3am.


Just shaking my head all day.  If you have a SMH moment please share it with us in a comment.

Tll next time.



2 Replies to “SMH”

  1. I was first introduced to the “Illumibowl” when it was pitched on “Shark Tank”, and the inventors made a deal with ” Mr. Wonderful”. Coincidentally on “Shark Tank” last night they shared an update about the “Illumibowl” and that the product was now in ” Bed Bath & Beyond”. The inventors are making millions! Now we have a reason to use that 20% off “Bed Bath & Beyond” coupon……NOT! #smh

  2. Margaret,
    Man, Shark Tank must be getting thin on ideas!
    Don’t worry, I picked one up for your birthday.
    Thanks for commenting!

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