Those Clingy Thingys

Those Clingy Thingys





Handfulls of dryer sheets
Handfulls of dryer sheets


Damn thee used dryer sheets!


They are everywhere!

And I’m not sure how or why.  But something’s up.





Although they have no noticeable organs or appendages, the population of wild, feral dryer sheets in my home rivals that of the number of Tribbles aboard the Starship Enterprise.

These things appear to have the reproductive appetite of a Duggar!


As I mentioned earlier, the wrinkled remnants are everywhere in my home.



A dryer sheet on the floor.
A dryer sheet on the floor.


Laundry vermin, I call them.

Fabric softening parasites.

I find them upstairs on a bedroom floor.

How do they climb the steps with no apparent legs?

They seemingly get upstairs with greater ease than I do.




Nothin up my sleee....Except!
Nothin up my sleee....Except!



Slipping an arm into the sleeve of my shirt….out pops a dryer sheet like a groundhog in February.


I begin to wonder…exactly what part of the drying process forces a dryer sheet to seek refuse inside the sleeve of my shirt?




And they cling.  Boy, do they.


Dude, you dropped something!
Dude, you dropped something!


Except when you are with someone with whom you are trying to impress.

Because that is when the shriveled sheet will decide to release its grip….and casually fall out your pant leg.





Yes, don’t be distracted by its “outdoor fresh” scent.

Those clingy thingys are up to something.

Something probably masterminded by their leader, the Snuggle Bear.

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  1. Bahahahaha!!! We have a pesky dryer visitor too, except ours is bridal tulle from my crafting!! My family finds it everwhere!! It even floats into lunchboxes, lol!!! Glad to.see the sock is tootin aroind again!!!! Sending light your way!!! 🙂 olivia

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